Project design

A detailed album A3 formed instruction with a full drafts package and construction work with realistic 3D visualizations and a pick list

Architectural design

Residential, cottage and other architectural forms’ development in any level of complexity. We create the layout and show you how your future building will look like and what it will be made of

Author’s supervision

We are happy to provide full project development. We take full control of timing, quality and supply of all the materials needed. We release the project according to the initial design and visualization

Project equipment

We provide a list of equipment for every project and we help to purchase every piece. With our profitable partnership conditions we save your time and money



About us

Who we are

Novoselskiy Design is a team of young, ambitious Ukrainian specialists, who sincerely love what they do. Every team member aspires to do their job better than before. That is why we do it qualitatively and provide a responsible and caring approach. We truly enjoy our work, and it reflects in our results!

We offer modern solutions to our clients, including design, architecture, landscape design, interiors and 3D visualizations. We are always sensitive and attentive to our clients’ wishes and we always choose what is best for the project according to clients’ needs. In our portfolio you can find different styles, such as Loft, Scandinavian and Neoclassic. But we are always open for more and we have enough skills to work in any style you wish.

If you are building a house, repairing or re-making your apartment or you need room for your business, we will provide you the best solutions to fulfill all your needs, wishes and of course fit your budget. You can trust us with all the negotiation with contractors, choosing materials and working on all the calculations. You will be pleased with the results! Because our main job is making our client satisfied and happy. And we do our job 100%!
High-quality development.
Every team member in Novoselskiy Design is a true professional. And our solid teamwork guarantees the best results, since we all complement each other!
Modern solutions.
These days the market of design services is huge and provides a variety of options, and we are always aware of every new trend to be ahead.
Strict deadline adherence.
No excuses, no deadline changes. We respect your time and our reputation.
Quality assurance.
We vouch every centimeter and every stitch made by our specialists. Our contractors are going through a tough casting to assure that they match our quality standards.
Creative approach.
We have a unique vision, which helps us provide non-typical and individual solutions!
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My name is Mikhayl. I am CEO of the Novoselskiy Design studio.
Over 3 years our studio successfully releases residential, commercial and office rooms. Our main interest is development of ergonomic, functional and comfortable rooms and forms, which would vibe with your lifestyle. You are going to feel that the interior fits you in every way.
Every project is made from scratch, and we provide full support until the full release. Rest assured, that the result will match all the 3D visualizations, and in most cases will overcome your expectations. Qualified implementation of your ideas will be based on our well-established system on every stage of construction and reliable partnership with material suppliers, so your time and money will be saved.
Our portfolio can tell you much more than words, so feel free to check them on our website.
It is vital for our team to provide unforgettable and positive impressions!

How we work


First meeting

We would love to know you better! We want you to tell us about your lifestyle, habits, and the way you want to see your future home. Depending on your budget and desires, we will help you choose the style, colors, etc.



We will carefully measure your house and provide three professionally built layouts. You will choose the one that fits better to your wishes and lifestyle.


Project design

Considering your budget and your ideas we will create a 3D model of your house’s interior design. See how your project looks like!


Author’s supervision

Your project will be developed by a team of professional constructors, which is working with Novoselskiy Design all the time. And if you choose to hire another team, our experts will take full control of every stage.



We will order all the needed materials, furniture and decor. Our team will assemble everything and clean up the mess, and the designer will take control of the result to make sure it matches the initial project.


Welcome home!

When the job is done, we will let you know that you can move into your new house today. Novoselskiy Design team will meet you there and celebrate the joy with congratulations and champagne!


They implement your ideas to life

Project calculation

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Our location in Ukraine

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